My PMDD journal

I love a good, inspirational journals. I love lists, quotes and graphs. And I’ve wanted a journal to write everything down and that shows what’s happening. How it all links together and correlates.

I have an app and it’s all good but I missed the nuances in it. And I guess I’m old fashioned, because I prefer physical books and journals to apps and e-books.

I have also missed some features in the app I’m using, an overview of it all. I don’t really see the point in writing down symptoms and treatments if you can’t easily overview it afterward. I’ve been thinking about making one for a while but it hasn’t happen until now. I just felt the flow and together with my husband we created a new journal. It’s filled with inspirational quotes, symptoms, coping strategies beside the journal itself spanning for a year decorated with a colorful mandala. I received a printed example of it yesterday and I love it!

It’s on Amazon if you want to view it. Click the button below to get to Amazon.