PMDD through my eyes: womens own stories

It can sometimes feel like were all alone in this often agonizing disorder but were not! In the blog some brave women have chosen to share their story and experience from PMDD with the hope that it will comfort and ease someone else’s struggles.

I’ve always had a quite fierce temper so it took a while before I understood that something wasn’t entirely “normal”. I remember an incident when studying on university. I was 24 at the time and the post office had somehow managed to lose the exam results, but only for half of the class. I was completely devastated in a way that my classmates weren’t. I then realized that my mood swings perhaps wasn’t as normal as I thought. I noticed in my 20’s that I reacted in a way others didn’t. It was as if my emotions always were on overdrive and I was always feeling bad without happiness in my life. Unfortunately I’ve ruined a lot of relationships since I’ve acted irrational. I’ve also have had a hard time to dampen my temper at some workplaces.

My strongest memory of PMDD is when I completely broke down at my current workplace. I went to the toilet and just cryed.  Hyperventilated because I was so exhausted, felt so bad and just wanted to go home and sleep and just surrender.

I tried for a long time to keep it under control by myself. I tried meditation, journal my feelings, give outlet for my feelings or just put the lid on. Nowadays I’ve come to a balance by eating escitalopram every day, daily walks with my dog, working tremendously with the mental part and strictly keeping to my diet.

If I would give any advice to others with PMDD it would be: don’t give up, you’re not crazy! Even though you might feel like it at times. Unfortunately, we have got the burden of being particularily meticulous with our wellbeing in a disorder few understand. But you can do it, ask for professional help because this is something you can’t solve yourself. There is help to get!