PMS due to inflammation

PMS due to inflammation?

A relatively unknown theory is that PMS and PMDD is due to inflammation in the uterus which affect the rest of the body and mind causing the symptoms women with PMS experience. The discovery was made by the Chilean doctor Jorge Lolas and has treated women with PMS and PMDD with great success since the 1970’s. Even though Dr. Lolas has a success rate of 90% with his treatment his work is neither known, widely used or acknowledged by peers.

To the right you find a documentary about Dr. Lolas and his work.

Who is Jorge Lolas and what is his work?

Dr. Jorge Lolas is a Chilean surgeon and specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology and graduated as a surgeon in 1964. Dr. Lolas has a long career in the Obstetrics and Gynecology, a large part of which he has dedicated to the early diagnosis of uterine cancer.

In addition to cancer, Dr. Lolas has been concerned with the early diagnosis and medical treatment of the chronic disease that frequently affects the uterus, which is the most common cause that leads to uterine excision. In this regard, he has developed new treatment techniques that minimize the need to resort to this major surgery.

Through his work he saw that PMS and inflammation in the uterus often correlated which resulted in his theory that inflammation in the uterus actually is the cause to the symptoms women experience at PMS. Since the 70′ he has effectively been able to help a large number of women who for years didn’t obtain an integral solution to the multiple disorders they suffered.

Infection and inflammation

Infection and inflammation often get mixed up and it is worth to explain define them here. Both of the concepts belong together, but are still two different things.

Infection means that the body is under attack from by microorganisms such as bacterias, viruses or fungus. An infection means that infectivity have passed the body’s first protective barrier that lies in the skin and the mucous membrane. It most often lead to the body’s different defence mechanisms react and start an inflammation. All inflammations aren’t due to infections though. Inlammations can also be caused by wounds to the skin or bodily reactions such as allergies for example.

Inflammation is the body’s reaction and are being used when there is different signs that the body’s defence has reacted on a damage or an attack. The signs can, for example, be a redness or that the temperature rises. These are signs that the bloodflow in the area have increased. It can also be swollen or hurt. Inflammation often leads to weakened function in the inflamed area. So what happens when such an important organ as the uterus actually are have reacted long enough without treatment? Dr. Lolas answer to the question is PMS.

How does the treatment work?

Since Dr. Lolas found that more than 90% of severely affected women show obvious inflammatory signs in their uterus.

The treatment is curative, since it addresses the most frequent causes of Premenstrual Syndrome. Part of this therapy consists in the administration of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, which are usually injected directly into the uterus “since the oral route is often insufficient, because the drug does not reach the necessary concentrations to eliminate germs,” ​​warns the specialist.

To this the specialist adds the application of electrocoagulation and cryotherapy techniques (destruction of damaged tissue through the application of cold) at the level of the most affected parts of the cervix. In this way, according to Dr. Lolas, the uterus is restored to the normal appearance (pale pink color) that it had before its infection and inflammation. During the treatment, the woman should refrain from having sex for a period of six weeks and take vitamins and mineral supplements to help recover the tissue.

Depending on clinic, the treatment and method may differ in some ways.

Where can I find this treatment?

Though the convincing evidence of women that has been helped few professionals use this method to treat PMS. As our knowledge we only know of very few professionals that use the method. If you know anyone else to use this, please email us at and we’ll add it to the list below.


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Dr. Alejandra Menassa

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Dr. Christian Beuermann

Why isn’t this treatment readily available everywhere?

This is a question many people ask and the question may have several answers, probably with a domino effect. While many people working with medicine struggles to find cures and ease sufferers from symptoms and pain there are many interests in the field of medicine. Big international pharmaceutical companies make much money on sick people and while they do try to find medicine to help they would lose income if people didn’t need medicine. While this might sound as a grandeur conspirational theory the field of medicine is entangled in not completely separable from each other where pharmaceutical companies sometimes pay education for doctors and studies on their own medicine that they sell.

The treatment of inflammation in the uterus is also time consuming, something that is lacking for doctors of today.

Even though Dr. Lolas work has made a major impact for many women for decades his work has not been approved in the society of the Chilean society of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Since it hasn’t been scientifically proven according to the Chilean society it has not become an acceptable method scientifically. As with all kind of groups suffering from any kind of pain or agony many, both professionals and others, are afraid to recommend or advice treatment that isn’t scientifically proven risking false hope and con men to take advantage of the situation.

On this blog, however, we want to give women all information we have for them to decide for themselves.