Using CBT to ease your symptoms

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that it stands for is a commonly used therapy form and even though its most often used for the most common problems women with PMS have, it’s not often discussed when talking about how to ease PMS symptoms. But what we’ve learned in our lives on beforehand influence our symptoms since we already learned how to think, feel and behave when feeling depressed, being angry and so on.

If we’ve learned growing up that sadness is nothing you talk about this is how you’ll react and behave when sad and depressed. You close yourself up in a shell turning away from the people wanting to help you and you feel all alone and overwhelmed by your emotions. The overwhelm feel so intimidating and an anxiety evolve that in time becomes pure panic attacks due to the fear of being unable to handle the emotions.

With CBT we can’t do anything about the actual sadness that arise but we can ease it. The learned thought that negative emotions is nothing that you talk about is causing unhealthy ways do deal with the symptom. When opening up and getting help you can actually ease the consequences which is overwhelm and anxiety.

Truth is also that even though the symptoms isn’t sprung from default thinking, the default thinking often becomes a companion we prefered not to have.

After a rage, after scolding our kids, after breaking something, after had a major meltdown without being able to do what we’re supposed to, after have another fight with our spouse the degrading thoughts of not being a good enough mom, a lousy partner, a lesser person accompany us. It inhibits us and makes us feel less worthy. Less than we actually are. Perhaps with the feeling that our families would be better off without us. That our spouse this time had enough. That we will end up alone.

Not only does the symptoms of PMS affect us the after effects of our outbursts and conflicts have profound effects also and easily undermines our selfworth.

In other words, we do have symptoms of PMS but they can be reduced and eased.